Why Single-Origin Coffee?

There is a lot of coffee produced in the world. According to one recent study the US alone consumed 3.4 billion pounds of coffee in 2017. As you probably can imagine, not all of that was excellent quality coffee. It is estimated that just over half the coffee consumed in the US can be classified as "specialty" coffee. And even within this category there is quite a variance of quality between the coffee sold through a global coffeehouse chain (hey, we have 4 Starbucks in Central Park alone!) and a carefully selected, handcrafted roast.

Great single-origin coffee exhibits terroir in much the same way fine wines, whiskeys and chocolates do. Flavors abound. Unique and complementary tastes shine through as a result of countless factors.

It is these distinct regional characteristics that get us excited at Ground Crew Coffee And if you're reading this that probably interest you too.

What goes into a great-tasting single origin coffee? Well, a lot. The elevation, climate, farming practices, soil and preparation of the coffee beans are all significant factors. And of course, the way the coffee is roasted has a massive influence on whether those single-origin beans come to life with unique flavors.

Our job is to select interesting, high-quality coffee beans and roast them so that their best flavor characteristics shine through.

Your job is to enjoy.

If you read this far, go ahead and check out our current fresh-roasted coffees.

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