Answers to common questions here.

Do you ship coffee?

We only offer (entirely free) local delivery at this time. We serve the neighborhoods of Central Park (fm. Stapleton), Aurora and Park Hill.

Can I sign up for a coffee subscription?

We plan to start offering subscriptions soon.

Help: I need coffee soon / now / tomorrow!

We roast on demand and do not keep "inventory" of roasted coffee because we only want to provide our customers with the freshest possible coffee. However, we will certainly do our best to help. If you need coffee outside our normal roasting schedule or have a special request, please use our Contact Us form and leave your mobile number so we can get back to you ASAP.

Do you sell Fair Trade coffee?

We do not currently include a Fair Trade coffee among our offerings but we may in the future. That said, we are committed to improving the livelihoods of the coffee-producing communities around the world, and purchase only from organizations who invest in and support the well-being of the farmers and communities who bring us the specialty coffee we enjoy.

Do you sell wholesale for my coffee shop, business, etc?

Not at this time. We can recommend other suppliers however if you send us a message. Just use our Contact Us page.

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