Colombia Aristizábal Natural 24 Hour Fermentation *Sold Out*

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Tropical fruit, caramel.

This micro-lot coffee is highly complex yet clean and balanced. The care that went into growing, harvesting, and processing this Colombian is evident from the first sip.

During drying, the fruit of the coffee remained in contact with the bean for 24 hours which imparted nuanced and interesting flavors that make this coffee a stand-out.

Aristizábal is an ideal coffee-growing region nestled within the Andes. The plantations are situated between two rivers and surrounded by three snow-covered volcanos. The microclimate is unique and exotic. The farmers are guaranteed good prices for their coffee with an aim to creating sustainability not common in the region.

Colombia Aristizábal Facts
Body Heavy
Acidity Medium
Process Natural (dry) process with 24 hour fermentation
Roast Level Full City (Medium)