Congo Kivu Fair Trade Organic *Sold out*

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Floral, Fruit, Cocoa.

This is a top example of coffee practices that can make a difference. It makes a tasty cup too.

This coffee is grown on farms bordering Virgunga National Park, home to half of the worlds remaining gorillas. Brew this one and you'll enjoy a pleasing mix of floral, fruit, and cocoa notes in a clean, high quality cup.

The Kawa Kanzururu Cooperative is innovative in many ways, providing education in agricultural and farm management practices, fostering significant female participation, and bringing greatly increased prosperity to the producing families. In turn the improving conditions for the surrounding communities reduces encroachment on Virunga National Park and its diverse but fragile ecosystems. 

Top quality coffees continue to flourish in the Democratic Republic of Congo, despite the countries well-documented struggles including armed conflict, poaching, and deforestation. The farmers of the coop stay focused on careful tending, organic practices, and thoughtful investment in the land, people, and equipment. It shows.

Congo Organic Kivu Facts
Body Medium
Acidity Bright
Process Washed
Altitude 5,900 feet
Varietals Blue Mountain, Rumangabo
Certification Fair Trade, Organic