Congo Organic Kivu **Sold Out**

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Floral, Fruit, Spiced Chocolate.

This coffee from Congo exhibits clean and balanced floral and fruit notes. These traits recognizably African yet not dominating as you may sometimes encounter with coffees from nearby countries. (For the record: we like those too!) This coffee also has a touch of spiciness and chocolate to round out the flavors.

Note: This is available in limited quantity.

Top quality coffees continue to flourish in the Democratic Republic of Congo, despite the country too often making the news for negative reasons. Despite the well-documented struggles, some of them from this very same region, the farmers behind this coffee stayed focused on careful tending, organic practices, and thoughtful investment in the land, people, and equipment. It shows.


Congo Organic Kivu Facts
Body Medium
Acidity Medium
Altitude 5,900 feet