DONATE: Gift of Free Coffee to Central Park Teachers

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Support Our Teachers - Together

Ground Crew Coffee got things started with 10 free bags of specialty coffee for the talented and hard-working teachers at Stapleton area schools. (Teachers - you may "order" your free coffee here!) We invite Stapleton families to extend the giving by adding this item to your cart - in any quantity you feel comfortable with. Each DONATE item adds one more free specialty coffee bag that teachers can request through our website. Every donation helps.

At $6 per bag you are donating top-notch coffee at a fraction of the normal price. This covers a portion of our costs and helps Ground Crew donate our time, roasting skills, connection and logistics. We appreciate the opportunity to do it! Thanks for helping support our teachers together ♥︎

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Teacher Coffee Donation Facts & FAQs
Coffee Variety Roasters Choice
Roast Full City aka Medium Roast
Star Wars Character Yoda
So, wait, how does this work?

You donate by ordering any quantity of this item via this page.

Teachers may request available coffee donations - entirely free of charge due to your generosity - through this page.

We craft roast the coffee and make sure it reaches the teachers who request it.

Can I ensure I'm donating only to teachers at <My Daughter/Son's School>?

Short answer, not exactly. Long answer: Donations through the website are added to the pool of available free coffee for teachers. We're doing this to keep the process efficient and manageable and due our limitations as a small family-run business. We hope you understand and will consider helping all our Stapleton teachers. Of course you can directly broadcast the availability of free coffee to YOUR teachers.

You are also welcome to contact us to discuss a unique way to give.

What about when the strike ends?

We hope for a quick and satisfactory resolution to the strike. At minimum we will continue to offer teachers the opportunity to request any remaining coffee donations, even after the strike is concluded.

What if you get more donations than requests from teachers?

Refunds will be sent to donors if there are unclaimed donations at the conclusion of this support campaign.