Thailand Lanna **Sold Out**

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Rich & Smooth, Exotic Spice.

Thai coffee - you read that right! - is a rarity in the US and a quality offering like this is even more so. We were excited to get our hands on this one and were not disappointed: It's a daily drinker with a peppery / spicy accent that is exotic yet in no way distracting or unbalanced.

Thailand is slowly growing its production of high grade specialty coffee and this is a great example of that. We managed to secure a small quantity of these before they sold out but we'll be watching for more from Thailand in the future.

This coffee works well as both Medium and Medium-Dark roast - your choice:

  • Medium Roast. Nice balanced cup.

  • Dark Roast. Adds some body and smokiness though similar overall to the Medium; may be best appreciated by those who add milk or sugar to their cup and those pulling espressos.

Thailand Lanna Coffee Facts
 Body Medium
 Acidity Low
 Process Washed