Coffee for Our Furloughed Friends & Neighbors

As of this writing (January 14, 2019) the partial Federal government shutdown has now stretched into its 24th day, making it officially the longest in US history. It could - and hopefully will - end any day but at this time the political logjam continues.

The shutdown affects over 800,000 individuals and families, and nearly half (380,000) of those have been furloughed without pay. Many of these folks live right in our proverbial backyards - they are our neighbors, family members, and friends. They are everyday heroes who keep air travel safe, investigate and prosecute crimes, care for the environment, and help those less fortunate via the agencies they work for.

Feeling for their predicament we hoped to provide these families with something positive. We turned to social media to locate some of those affected by the shutdown to offer a small gesture - a gift of specialty coffee. And the community response was amazing and inspiring. Within minutes many Federal workers hurting from the shutdown were suggested - and they have since received bags of Rwandan specialty coffee. Amidst the growing and lively online conversation multiple Central Park (fm. Stapleton) residents also stepped forward to sponsor even more giving.

We at Ground Crew Coffee are grateful to be part of such a generous and thoughtful community. We hope our small gesture inspires other Central Park businesses to offer what they can to families unfairly caught in this divisive political battle. Even a little kindness can go a long way and when we join together it can mean a lot.

Thanks for reading.

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